GJAE – Volume 65 (2016), Number 1


Volume 65 (2016), Number 1, 1-15

What Influences the Growth of Organic Farms?
Evidence from a Panel of Organic Farms in Germany

Thelma Brenes-Muñoz, Sebastian Lakner, Bernhard Brümmer

Volume 65 (2016), Number 1, 16-29

Optimizing Inspection Strategies to Enforce Organic Farming Standards

Christian Lippert, Alexander Zorn, Stephan Dabbert

Volume 65 (2016), Number 1, 30-40

Planting Rights Liberalization in the European Union:
An Analysis of the Possible Effects on the Wine Sector in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

Mariia Bogonos, Barbara Engler, Jürgen Oberhofer, Marc Dreßler, Stephan Dabbert

Volume 65 (2016), Number 1, 41-64

Is the Cultivation of Sugar Beets as a Biogas Substrate an Alternative for Farmers?
A Discrete Choice Experiment for the Design of Substrate-supply-contracts for Sugar Beets

Saramena Sauthoff, Friederike Anastassiadis, Oliver Mußhoff

Volume 65 (2016), Number 1, 65-72

Observable Raw Milk Prices:
Chance for Dairy Farmers – Risk for Final Consumers

Andreas Hildenbrand, Rainer Kühl


Volume 65 (2016), Number 1, 73-76