GJAE – GJAE Volume 73 (2024), Number 1


Volume 73 (2024), Number 1

Comments on the p-Value Debate and Good Statistical Practice

Joachim Aurbacher, Enno Bahrs, Martin Banse, Sebastian Hess, Stefan Hirsch, Silke Hüttel, Uwe Latacz-Lohmann, Oliver Mußhoff, Martin Odening, Ramona Teuber


Volume 73 (2024), Number 1

The South Korean Perspective on German Animal Welfare Certified Pork

Rebecca Derstappen, Annika Johanna Thies

Volume 73 (2024), Number 1

Farm Investment and Adoption of Fixed Milk Price Contracts on Irish Dairy Farms

Shefali Pardeshi, Jason Loughrey, Declan O’Connor

Volume 71 (2024), Number 1

Appreciation for Agriculture in Public Communication. A Content Analysis of the Influence of the First Lockdown on Reporting About Agriculture in the Mass Media

Matthias Kussin, Jan Berstermann, Antonia Albers

Volume 71 (2024), Number 1

How – and How Much? An Analysis of Major Conflict Lines Regarding the Transformation of German Animal Farming

Philipp von Gall, Jörg Luy, Moritz Köder, Marie von Meyer-Höfer


Volume 73 (2024), Number 1

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