About GJAE – the German Journal of Agricultural Economics

The GJAE is a double blind peer reviewed scientific journal for articles in the field of agricultural and food economics and related disciplines. First published in 1952, the GJAE succeeds the German Agrarwirtschaft, upholding the tradition of this long-established journal. As it targets both basic and applied research activities, the GJAE is interesting for academic scientists, teaching staff and scientifically interested staff of public authorities, business and industry. As an online-journal the GJAE reaches an international readership.

Aims and Scope of the GJAE can be found here

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Since August 2014 the German Journal of Agricultural Economics (GJAE) is listed in the ‚Impact Factor List‘. The GJAE started with a factor of 0.275 and is listed for 2018 with an impact factor of 0.667. So if you plan to write an article, use this evidence for getting cited. More information about the citation index you can find here.

The impact factor is considered the number 1 ranking value for scientific journals and has become a substantial part of any journal development discussion.

Impact factors are a benchmark of a journal’s reputation and reflect how frequently peer-reviewed journals are cited by other researchers in a particular year. The impact factor helps to evaluate a journal’s relative importance, especially when compared with others in the same field.

Impact Factor
5 year Impact Factor

Research convenient!

Since Volume 2010, GJAE appears in purely digital form as an e-journal. Subscribers only need to register once on our website to access all articles as downloadable pdfs. We shall notify you au-tomatically by email when each new issue is published. The tables of contents are freely accessible on the website. A new feature here is the research option based on abstracts and keywords.

Greater international orientation!

All agricultural markets are becoming increasingly more international. Research and the accompanying journal concepts are following this development. That is why GJAE articles are written often in German but also in English. Abstracts and Keywords are bilingual throughout.

More information!

Registered subscribers have free access to archive data. The subscription price includes a re-search option covering the respective last three years of GJAE and Agrarwirtschaft. Older articles can always be called up free of charge.

GJAE does appear quarterly on the following dates:

  • March 1st issue plus special “Markets” issue
  • June 2nd issue
  • September 3rd issue
  • December 4th issue

In addition special issues may be published on topical themes.

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