GJAE – Volume 72 (2023), Number 2


Volume 72 (2023), Number 2, 73-90 (+ Online Annex)

The National and Regional Impact of the EU Bioeconomy Strategies on the Agri-Food Sector: Insights from Germany

Yaghoob Jafari, Linmei Shang, Arnim Kuhn, Thomas Heckelei

Volume 72 (2023), Number 2, 91-100 (+ Online Appendix)

Nitrogen Surplus Displays a Spurious Environmental Kuznets Curve in Germany

Bente Castro Campos, Martin Petrick

Volume 72 (2023), Number 2, 101-116

Economic and Agronomic Impacts of Agrivoltaics on Arable Land Use at the Example of the Stuttgart Region

Christian Sponagel, Arndt Feuerbacher, Daniela Bendel, Tobias Karl David Weber, Enno Bahrs

Volume 72 (2023), Number 2, 117-132

E-Commerce in German Agriculture: A Case Study Investigating Farmer Satisfaction Applying the Thinking Aloud Method

Dorothee Schulze Schwering, Lena Focke-Meermann, Achim Spiller


Volume 72 (2023), Number 2, 133-136

Wirtschaftszahlen 2/2023