GJAE – Volume 66 (2017), Number 2


Volume 66 (2017), Number 2, 65-84

I Spy with my Little Eye: An Eye-tracking Study regarding the Perception and Evaluation of Pictures from Pig Fattening Barns

Gesa Busch, Sarah Arianna Gauly, Achim Spiller

Volume 66 (2017), Number 2, 85-108

Efficiency Analysis of Organic Farming Systems –
A Review of Concepts, Topics, Results and Conclusions

Sebastian Lakner, Gunnar Breustedt

Volume 66 (2017), Number 2, 109-123

Flexible Load of Existing Biogas Plants:
A Viable Option to Reduce Environmental Externalities and to Provide Demand-driven Electricity?

David Schäfer, Wolfgang Britz, Till Kuhn

Volume 66 (2017), Number 2, 124-139

Comparing the Use of Risk-influencing Production Inputs and Experimentally Measured Risk Attitude:
Do the Decisions of Indonesian Small-scale Rubber Farmers Match?

Stefan Moser, Oliver Mußhoff


Volume 66 (2017), Number 2, 140-144

Dissertationen SS 2016 – WS 2016/17 aus dem Bereich der
Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften des Landbaus


Volume 66 (2017), Number 2, 145-148



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