GJAE – Volume 67 (2018), Number 1


Volume 67 (2018), Number 1, 1-13

How does the Risk Attitude affect the Bidding Behavior of Farmers?
Results of an Experimental Auction

Gesa Sophie Holst, Oliver Musshoff, Elisabeth Vollmer

Volume 67 (2018), Number 1, 14-30

Explaining the Process for Conversion to Organic Dairy Farming in Sweden:
An Alternative Modelling Approach

Shyam Kumar Basnet, Gordana Manevska-Tasevska, Yves Surry

Volume 67 (2018), Number 1, 31-47

There ain’t no such Thing as a Free Lunch:
Intra-sustainable Trade-offs in Broiler Production from a Consumer’s Perception

Winnie Isabel Sonntag, Stefan Golze, Achim Spiller, Marie von Meyer-Höfer

Volume 67 (2018), Number 1, 48-64

Can Global Climate Change affect Prices in the World Banana Market?

Daniella Blake, Carolina Dawson, Denis Loeillet, Charles Staver


Volume 67 (2018), Number 1, 65-68