GJAE – Volume 65 (2016), Number 4


Volume 65 (2016), Number 4, 231-243

Do Growth Rates Depend on the Initial Firm Size?
Evidence for the German Agribusiness

Julia Höhler, Rainer Kühl

Volume 65 (2016), Number 4, 244-253

Genetically Modified Herbicide Resistant Rapeseed in Germany:
A Socio-Economic Assessment

Philipp Wree, Johannes Sauer

Volume 65 (2016), Number 4, 254-261

Job Preferences of Dairy Farmers in Eastern Switzerland:
A Discrete Choice Experiment

Markus Lips, Christian Gazzarin, Harry Telser

Volume 65 (2016), Number 4, 262-273

Risk Attitude and Risk Perception of Dairy Farmers in Austria

Markus Scharner, Siegfried Pöchtrager, Manuela Larcher


Volume 65 (2016), Number 4, 281-282

Mußhoff, O. und N. Hirschauer (2016):
Modernes Agrarmanagement –
Betriebswirtschaftliche Analyse- und Planungsverfahren.


Volume 65 (2016), Number 4, 274

GEWISOLA-Preis 2016 für Dr. Stephanie-Carolin Grosche

Volume 65 (2016), Number 4, 275-277

Einladung zur Einreichung von Beiträgen
57. Jahrestagung der GEWISOLA und 27. Jahrestagung der ÖGA,
13.-15. September 2017 in Weihenstephan, Technische Universität München

Volume 65 (2016), Number 4, 278-279

Call for Papers
57th GEWISOLA Annual Conference and 27th ÖGA Annual Conference,
September 13-15, 2017, Technical University of Munich (TUM)

Volume 65 (2016), Number 4, 280

Reviewer / Gutachter


Volume 65 (2016), Number 4, 283-286



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