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Volume 62 (2013), Number 1, 39-51

A Cohort Analysis of Food-at-Home and Food-away-from-Home Expenditures in Germany

Larissa S. Drescher, Jutta Roosen

Volume 62 (2013), Number 1, 52-64

The Determinants of Farm Growth, Decline and Exit in Estonia

Ants-Hannes Viira, Anne Pöder, Rando Värnik

Volume 61 (2012), Number 4, 223-234

Home Bias in Consumption:
A Comparison between Wine and Beer

Alessandro Olper, Daniele Curzi, Dario Gianfranco Frisio, Valentina Raimondi

Volume 61 (2012), Number 4, 235-243

Effects of the M&A Wave in the Global Brewing Industry 2000-2010

Erik S. Madsen, Kurt Pedersen, Lars Lund-Thomsen

Volume 61 (2012), Number 4, 244-253

Revisiting the Impact of Trade Liberalization and Mergers on the Malting Industry of North America

Derek G. Brewin, Richard Gray, Giannis Karagiannis

Volume 61 (2012), Number 4, 254-264

Is Beer Safer than Spirits?
How the Change in Consumption Shares of Alcoholic Beverage Types Affects Traffic Mortality in Young People

Donald G. Freeman

Volume 61 (2012), Number 4, 265-274

The Relation of Village and Rural Pubs with Community Life and People’s Well-Being in Great Britain

Ignazio Cabras, Jesus Canduela, Robert Raeside

Volume 61 (2012), Number 3, 148-161

Measuring the Subjective Risk Attitude of Decision-Makers:
Are there Differences between Groups of Methods and of Persons?

Jörn Ewald, Syster Christin Maart, Oliver Mußhoff

Volume 61 (2012), Number 3, 162-177

Farmers’ Preferences regarding the Design of Substrate Supply Contracts for Biogas Plants:
A Choice Experiment

Christian Reise, Ulf Liebe, Oliver Mußhoff

Volume 61 (2012), Number 3, 178-191

Data Quality of Performance Measurement Systems based on Internal and External Accounting
in the Inter-Company Evaluation of Pig Production and Hog Fattening

Ulf Morfeld, Michael Stahlschmidt, Joachim Krieter