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Volume 60 (2011), Number 4, 259-275

Biogas Production in Germany –
Should the Energetic Use of Manure be Explicitly Promoted?

Jochen Thiering, Enno Bahrs

Volume 60 (2011), Number 4, 215-229

Non-parametric Risk-adjusted Efficiency Measurement:
An Application to Pig Fattening in Germany

Torben Tiedemann, Gunnar Breustedt, Uwe Latacz-Lohmann

Volume 60 (2011), Number 4, 243-258

The Response of the German Agricultural Sector to the Envisaged Biofuel Targets in Germany and Abroad:
A CGE Simulation

Giovanni Sorda, Martin Banse

Volume 60 (2011), Number 3, 170-185

What Explains the Success of Product Innovations?
An Analysis with Scanner Data for the German Market of Yoghurt

Roland Herrmann, Rebecca Schröck

Volume 60 (2011), Number 3, 186-199

Agricultural and Environmental Policies from an Institutional Economics Perspective:
a Method for Ex-ante Policy Assessment

Christian Schleyer, Insa Theesfeld

Volume 60 (2011), Number 2, 85-100

Impact of Biogas Production on Farmland Rental Rates in

Hendrik Habermann, Gunnar Breustedt

Volume 60 (2011), Number 2, 101-118

Development of Productivity in Organic and Conventional
Agriculture: An Empirical Analysis

Torben Tiedemann, Uwe Latacz-Lohmann

Volume 60 (2011), Number 1, 52-65

Does the Consumer Really Knows which Quality he Buys?
A Study about the Expected Quality from Quality Labels

Sabine Kubitzki, Stephanie Krischik-Bautz

Volume 60 (2011), Number 1, 36-51

Determinants of Competitiveness of „Extended Family Farms“ –
Empirical Results from a Survey of Farm Managers

Christian Schaper, Mark Deimel, Ludwig Theuvsen

Volume 60 (2011), Number 1, 20-35

Production and Factor Input under Conditions of Transition:
Econometric Analysis of the Production Technology of the
Ukrainian Milk Processing Industry

Oleksandr Perekhozhuk, Michael Grings