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Volume 62 (2013), Number 1, 52-64

The Determinants of Farm Growth, Decline and Exit in Estonia

Ants-Hannes Viira, Anne Pöder, Rando Värnik

Volume 62 (2013), Number 1, 39-51

A Cohort Analysis of Food-at-Home and Food-away-from-Home Expenditures in Germany

Larissa S. Drescher, Jutta Roosen

Volume 62 (2013), Number 1, 18-38

Quality and Endogeneity Issues in Demand Systems:
A comparative Estimation of Price and Expenditure Elasticities of the Demand for Organic and Conventional Vegetables in Germany

Rebecca Schröck

Volume 61 (2012), Number 4, 213-222

Wie der Osten gewonnen wurde:
Restrukturierung der Versorgungskette im osteuropäischen Biermarkt

Kristine Van Herck, Johan F.M. Swinnen, Koen Deconinck

Volume 61 (2012), Number 3, 162-177

Farmers’ Preferences regarding the Design of Substrate Supply Contracts for Biogas Plants:
A Choice Experiment

Christian Reise, Ulf Liebe, Oliver Mußhoff

Volume 61 (2012), Number 3, 148-161

Measuring the Subjective Risk Attitude of Decision-Makers:
Are there Differences between Groups of Methods and of Persons?

Jörn Ewald, Syster Christin Maart, Oliver Mußhoff

Volume 61 (2012), Number 2, 114-126

Animal Welfare:
An Empirical Analysis of Agricultural Frames

Ingke Deimel, Annabell Franz, Achim Spiller

Volume 61 (2012), Number 2, 63-79

Risk Management on Farms: An Analysis of the Acceptance of Weather Insurance using Discrete Choice Experiments

Ulf Liebe, Syster Christin Maart, Oliver Mußhoff, Philipp Stubbe

Volume 61 (2012), Number 2, 96-113

The Pattern of Austrian Dairy Farm Household Strategies

Monika Krammer, Manuela Larcher, Stefan Vogel, Erwin Lautsch

Volume 61 (2012), Number 1, 1-12

The Economic Valuation of Irrigation under Consideration of
Risk and Changes in Water Withdrawal Permits

Ulla Kellner, Oliver Mußhoff, Henning W. Battermann