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Volume 64 (2015), Number 1, 33-41

Impact of the SO Threshold on the Statistics of
Economic Variables for the Swiss Agricultural Sector

Andreas Roesch

Volume 64 (2015), Number 1, 42-57

Assessing the Criteria for and the Satisfaction with the Choice of a Graduate School: an Example from the Master Courses in Agriculture at the University of Giessen

Andreas Hildenbrand, Soviana Soviana

Volume 63 (2014), Number 4, 219-239

The Impact of Payment Entitlements on Arable Land Prices and Rental Rates in Schleswig-Holstein

Solveigh Hennig, Gunnar Breustedt, Uwe Latacz-Lohmann

Volume 63 (2014), Number 4, 240-258

Do Farmers Consider the Effects on Financial Flexibility when Making their Investment Decisions?

Friederike Anastassiadis, Oliver Mußhoff

Volume 63 (2014), Number 4, 259-270

Are Agri-food Exports any Special?
Exchange Rate Nonlinearities in European Exports to the US

Svetlana Fedoseeva

Volume 63 (2014), Number 4, 271-285

A New Graphical User Interface Generator for Economic Models and its Comparison to Existing Approaches

Wolfgang Britz

Volume 63 (2014), Number 3, 133-142

Linking an Economic and a Life-cycle Analysis Biophysical Model
to Support Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Policy

Vera Eory, Michael MacLeod, Shailesh Shrestha, David Roberts

Volume 63 (2014), Number 3, 143-155

Determining Short Term Responses of Irish Dairy Farms under
Climate Change

Shailesh Shrestha, Thia Hennessy, Mohamed Abdalla, Dermot Forristal, Michael B. Jones

Volume 63 (2014), Number 3, 156-176

Integrated Analysis of Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation
Measures in Austrian Agriculture

Martin Schönhart, Hermine Mitter, Erwin Schmid, Georg Heinrich,,reas Gobiet

Volume 63 (2014), Number 3, 177-186

Income Impacts of Climate Change: Irrigated Farming
in the Mediterranean and Expected Changes in Probability
of Favorable and Adverse Weather Conditions

Gabriele Dono, Raffaele Cortignani, Luca Giraldo, Massimiliano Pasqui, Pier Paolo Roggero