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Volume 59 (2010), Number 3, Special Issue, 133-143

Publishing as an Agricultural Economist: Thoughts on Why, Where and How

Thomas Heckelei

Volume 59 (2010), Number 3, Special Issue, 144-157

Analysing the Effect of Decoupling on Agricultural Production: Evidence from Irish Dairy Farms using the Olley and Pakes Approach

Andrius Kazukauskas, Carol Newman, Fiona Thorne

Volume 59 (2010), Number 3, Special Issue, 158-172

Groundwater Management Instruments in a Conjunctive Use System:
Assessing the Impact on Farmers’ Income Using Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP)

Vincent Lenouvel, L Marielle Montginoul

Volume 59 (2010), Number 3, Special Issue, 173-186

Estimating the Demand for Sensory Quality –
Theoretical Considerations and an Empirical Application to Specialty Coffee

Ramona Teuber

Volume 59 (2010), Number 3, Special Issue, 187-201

Impacts of Stockholding Behaviour on Agricultural Market Volatility:
A Dynamic Computable General Equilibrium Approach

Fabienne Femenia

Volume 59 (2010), Number 3, Special Issue, 202-216

Coordination and Differentiation of Strategies:
The Impact on Farm Growth of Strategic Interaction on the Rental Market for Land

Anne Margarian

Volume 59 (2010), Number 3, Special Issue, 221-224


Jahrgang 59 (2010), Heft 2, 77-90

Income Diversification of Farm Households in Schleswig-Holstein

Christoph Rathmann, Swetlana Renner, Agata Pieniadz, Thomas Glauben, Jens-Peter Loy

Jahrgang 59 (2010), Heft 2, 106-116

Qualitative Analysis of Household Strategies and Developments of Austrian Family Farms engaged in Organic Agriculture

Manuela Larcher, Stefan Vogel

Jahrgang 59 (2010), Heft 2, 91-105

Economies of Scope in the Agricultural Provision of Ecosystem Services:
An Application to a High Cost Production Region

Robert Huber, Bernard Lehmann