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Volume 64 (2015), Number 3, 131-147

Citizens’ Evaluation of Animal Welfare on Pictures of Intensive Broiler Fattening: A Survey Experiment

Gesa Busch, Carolin Schwetje, Achim Spiller

Volume 64 (2015), Number 3, 148-162

Intensification Plans of Austrian Farmers beyond Dairy Quotas –
An Empirical Model to Explain Planned Behaviour

Manuela Larcher, Martin Schönhart, Erwin Schmid, Stefan Vogel

Volume 64 (2015), Number 3, 163-174

Short Term Prediction of Agricultural Structural Change using Farm Accountancy Data Network and Farm Structure Survey Data

Hugo Storm, Thomas Heckelei, María Espinosa, Sergio Gomez y Paloma

Volume 64 (2015), Number 3, 175-191

Does Spatial Dependence Depend on Spatial Resolution?
– An Empirical Analysis of Organic Farming in Southern Germany

Eva Schmidtner, Christian Lippert, Stephan Dabbert

Volume 64 (2015), Number 2, 63-75

Estimation of the Willingness to Pay for CO2 Savings –
A Discrete Choice Experiment

Thore Holm, Uwe Latacz-Lohmann, Jens-Peter Loy, Norbert Schulz

Volume 64 (2015), Number 2, 76-88

Risk Reduction Potential of Weather Index-based Insurance in Agribusiness –
The Importance of the Aggregation Level of Yield Time Series

Niels Pelka, Oliver Mußhoff

Volume 64 (2015), Number 2, 89-106

Do Different Measurements of Soil Quality Influence the Results of a Ricardian Analysis? –
A Case Study on the Effects of Climate Change on German Agriculture

Eva Schmidtner, Stephan Dabbert, Christian Lippert

Volume 64 (2015), Number 2, 107-119

Analyzing Results from Agricultural Large-scale Economic Simulation Models: Recent Progress and the Way Ahead

Wolfgang Britz, Ignacio Pérez-Dominguez, Gopalakrishnan Badri Narayanan

Volume 64 (2015), Number 1, 1-15

Investment Behavior of Organic and Conventional Pig Farmers in Germany –
An Experimental Approach

Daniel Hermann, Katrin Agethen, Oliver Mußhoff

Volume 64 (2015), Number 1, 16-32

Evaluating the Land Conversion of Annual Crop Production
to Cultivate Miscanthus –
An Application of the Real Options Approach

Antonius Diekmann, Matthias Haverkamp, Oliver Mußhoff