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Volume 71 (2022), Number 4, 227

GEWISOLA-Preise 2022

Martin Banse

Volume 71 (2022), Number 4, 213-226

Beyond P-Value-Obsession: When are Statistical Hypothesis Tests Required and Appropriate?

Anne Margarian

Volume 71 (2022), Number 4, 169-183

Farmers’ Preferences for Fertilizers derived from Domestic Sewage and Kitchen Waste – A Discrete Choice Experiment in Germany

Katrin Utai, Manuel Narjes,Tatjana Krimly, Christian Lippert

Volume 71 (2022), Number 3, 134-149

Implications of Russia’s War in Ukraine for the Global Agri-Food Sector – An Ex-Ante Assessment using Different Simulation Models

Marvin Berndt, Kirsten Boysen-Urban, Simon Ehjeij, Amelia Espey, Arndt Feuerbacher, Dorothee Flaig, Tobias Heimann, Sebastian Hess, Markus Kempen, Franziska Schünemann, Christine Wieck

Volume 71 (2022), Number 4, 184-203

Implementing an Approximation of Cumulative Prospect Theory into Mixed Linear Programming – an Application to Bio-Economic Modelling at Farm-Scale Considering Crop Insurance

Wolfgang Britz

Volume 71 (2022), Number 3, 150-163

Impact of the War in Ukraine on Farm Profitability and the Attractiveness of Environmental Measures in Germany

Raphaela Ellßel, Friedrich Wüstemann, Frank Offermann, Thomas de Witte

Volume 71 (2022), Number 3, 114-133

Why did Ukraine become a Key Player on the World Agri-Food Markets? An Enterprise-Level Perspective

Taras Gagalyuk, Igor Ostapchuk, Volodymyr Lapa, Alfons Balmann

Volume 71 (2022), Number 3, 111-113

The Russia-Ukraine Conflict – Implications for Farms and Agricultural Markets: Introduction to the Special Issue

Martin Odening, Silke Hüttel

Volume 71 (2022), Number 3, 164-167

Wirtschaftszahlen 03/2022

Volume 71 (2022), Number 2, 92-106

Considering Environmental Factors in Technical Efficiency Analysis of European Crop Production

Alexander Kaiser, Axel Schaffer