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Volume 63 (2014), Number 1, 46-62

Discrepancies between the Intentions and Behaviour of Farm Operators in the Contexts of Farm Growth, Decline, Continuation and Exit –
Evidence from Estonia

Ants-Hannes Viira, Anne Pöder, Rando Värnik

Volume 63 (2014), Number 1, 16-30

Heterogeneous Farm Output and Technical Efficiency Estimates

Phatima Mamardashvili, Raushan Bokusheva, Dierk Schmid

Volume 62 (2013), Number 4, 231-243

The Risk Reduction Potential of Weather Derivatives in Crop Production:
Simple Indices versus Mixed Indices

Niels Pelka, Oliver Mußhoff

Volume 62 (2013), Number 3, 173-191

Price Promotions and Psychological Pricing in German Grocery Retailing

Angela Hoffmann, Kerstin Hackelbusch

Volume 62 (2013), Number 3, 157-172

Animal Welfare in Public and Private Standards and On-Farm Compliance

Dominic Norbert Annen, Christine Wieck, Markus Kempen

Volume 62 (2013), Number 2, 86-98

Non-Agricultural and Supra-Regional Investors on the
German Agricultural Land Market:
An Empirical Analysis of their Significance and Impacts

Andreas Tietz, Bernhard Forstner, Peter Weingarten

Volume 62 (2013), Number 2, 134-145

The Impact of Economic Transformation and the Credibility of Planning Control on Agricultural Land Values

Haniza Khalid, Timothy Adrian Lloyd, Christopher Wyn Morgan

Volume 62 (2013), Number 2, 99-115

Price Formation on Land Market Auctions in East Germany
– An Empirical Analysis

Silke Hüttel, Martin Odening, Karin Kataria, Alfons Balmann

Volume 62 (2013), Number 2, 116-133

The Effect of Heterogeneous Buyers on Agricultural Land Prices:
The Case of the Czech Land Market

Jarmila Curtiss, Ladislav Jelínek, Martin Hruška, Tomáš Medonos, Václav Vilhelm

Volume 62 (2013), Number 2, 71-85

What Do We Know about the Influence of Agricultural Support on Agricultural Land Prices?

Paul Feichtinger, Klaus Salhofer


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