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Volume 64 (2015), Number 2, 107-119

Analyzing Results from Agricultural Large-scale Economic Simulation Models: Recent Progress and the Way Ahead

Wolfgang Britz, Ignacio Pérez-Dominguez, Gopalakrishnan Badri Narayanan

Volume 64 (2015), Number 2, 76-88

Risk Reduction Potential of Weather Index-based Insurance in Agribusiness –
The Importance of the Aggregation Level of Yield Time Series

Niels Pelka, Oliver Mußhoff

Volume 64 (2015), Number 1, 16-32

Evaluating the Land Conversion of Annual Crop Production
to Cultivate Miscanthus –
An Application of the Real Options Approach

Antonius Diekmann, Matthias Haverkamp, Oliver Mußhoff

Volume 63 (2014), Number 4, 219-239

The Impact of Payment Entitlements on Arable Land Prices and Rental Rates in Schleswig-Holstein

Solveigh Hennig, Gunnar Breustedt, Uwe Latacz-Lohmann

Volume 63 (2014), Number 4, 259-270

Are Agri-food Exports any Special?
Exchange Rate Nonlinearities in European Exports to the US

Svetlana Fedoseeva

Volume 63 (2014), Number 3, 156-176

Integrated Analysis of Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation
Measures in Austrian Agriculture

Martin Schönhart, Hermine Mitter, Erwin Schmid, Georg Heinrich,,reas Gobiet

Volume 63 (2014), Number 3, 177-186

Income Impacts of Climate Change: Irrigated Farming
in the Mediterranean and Expected Changes in Probability
of Favorable and Adverse Weather Conditions

Gabriele Dono, Raffaele Cortignani, Luca Giraldo, Massimiliano Pasqui, Pier Paolo Roggero

Volume 63 (2014), Number 3, 143-155

Determining Short Term Responses of Irish Dairy Farms under
Climate Change

Shailesh Shrestha, Thia Hennessy, Mohamed Abdalla, Dermot Forristal, Michael B. Jones

Volume 63 (2014), Number 2, 67-80

Do we Need to Consider Bounded Rationality and Heuristic Decision Making when Trying to Understand the Weak Development of Weather-Index Insurance Markets in Agriculture?
– An Exploratory Invest

Oliver Mußhoff, Sven Grüner, Norbert Hirschauer

Volume 63 (2014), Number 2, 81-95

The Profitability of Seasonal Mountain Dairy farming in Norway

Leif Jarle Asheim, Tor Lunnan, Hanne Sickel