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Volume 66 (2017), Number 4, 265-280

Analysis of Stakeholders’ Expectations for Dairy Sector Development Strategies from a Central-Eastern and Western European Perspective

Abele Kuipers, Agata Malak-Rawlikowska, Aldona Stalgiene, Marija Klopčič

Volume 66 (2017), Number 3, 172-187

The Influence of Employer Awards on the Decision Making Process of Prospective Applicants in Medium-Sized Companies: An Empirical Analysis with Special Emphasis on the Food Industry

Marina Abramovskij, Ulrich Enneking

Volume 66 (2017), Number 3, 149-158

Vertical Coordination in the Meat Supply Chain –
The Effects of (Unlabeled) Private Standards for Animal Welfare

Julia Höhler, Rainer Kühl

Volume 66 (2017), Number 3, 159-171

Sustainability Assessment of Agribusiness Clusters:
A Case Study Based on Regional Sustainability Assessment Methodology

Sergiy Smetana, Christine Tamásy, Alexander Mathys, Volker Heinz

Volume 66 (2017), Number 2, 65-84

I Spy with my Little Eye: An Eye-tracking Study regarding the Perception and Evaluation of Pictures from Pig Fattening Barns

Gesa Busch, Sarah Arianna Gauly, Achim Spiller

Volume 66 (2017), Number 2, 124-139

Comparing the Use of Risk-influencing Production Inputs and Experimentally Measured Risk Attitude:
Do the Decisions of Indonesian Small-scale Rubber Farmers Match?

Stefan Moser, Oliver Mußhoff

Volume 66 (2017), Number 1, 13-25

Reversion from Organic to Conventional Agriculture in Germany:
An Event History Analysis

Sanna Heinze, Alexander Vogel

Volume 65 (2016), Number 4, 262-273

Risk Attitude and Risk Perception of Dairy Farmers in Austria

Markus Scharner, Siegfried Pöchtrager, Manuela Larcher

Volume 65 (2016), Number 3, 197-210

Consumer Understanding of the Terms Alpine Milk and Pasture-raised Milk

Ramona Weinrich, Sarah Kühl, Anke Zühlsdorf, Achim Spiller

Volume 65 (2016), Number 3, 182-196

The Use of Silage Maize for Biogas Production –
A Spatial Econometric Approach

Lukas Scholz, Andreas Meyer-Aurich, Dieter Kirschke