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Volume 69 (2020), Number 3, 200-218

Farmers’ Perspectives on the Types of Sales Personnel in the Agricultural Input

Dorothee Schulze Schwering, Jan-Philipp Huchtemann, Philipp Welter, Eike Nordmeyer, Achim Spiller, Dominic Lemken

Volume 69 (2020), Number 3, 183-199

Randomised Controlled Trials for the Evaluation of the CAP: Em-pirical Evidence about Acceptance by Farmers

Ulrich B. Morawetz, Christoph Tribl

Volume 69 (2020), Number 2, 143-168

Can Food Waste Reduction in Europe Help to Increase Food Availability and Reduce Pressure on Natural Resources Globally?

Yaghoob Jafari, Wolfgang Britz, Hasan Dudu, Roberto Roson, Martina Sartori

Volume 69 (2020), Number 2, 85-107

Income Risk of German Farms and its Drivers

Christoph Duden, Frank Offermann

Volume 69 (2020), Number 2, 108-126

Farm Level Impacts of Trade Liberalisation and CAP Removal Across EU: An Assessment using the IFM-CAP Model

Pavel Ciaian, Maria Espinosa, Kamel Louhichi, Angel Perni

Volume 69 (2020), Number 1, 1-18

What Moves the German Land Market? A Decomposition of the Land Rent-Price Ratio

Jana Plogmann, Oliver Mußhoff, Martin Odening, Matthias Ritter

Volume 68 (2019), Number 4, 299-315

Animal-Ethical Intuitions in Germany: Developing a Measuring Instrument to Capture Domain-Specific Values in the Context of the Human-Animal Relationship

Sarah Hölker, Holmer Steinfath, Marie von Meyer-Höfer, Achim Spiller

Volume 68 (2019), Number 4, 289-298

Marketing Potential for Biocyclic-Vegan Products? A Qualitative, Explorative Study with Experts and Consumers

Kristin Jürkenbeck, Lara Schleicher, Stephan G.H. Meyerding

Volume 68 (2019), Number 4, 263-274

(Dis-)Satisfaction in Agriculture? An Explorative Analysis of Job and Life Satisfaction in East Germany

Antje Jantsch, Tobias Weirowski, Norbert Hirschauer

Volume 68 (2019), Number 4, 250-262

What Does the Agricultural Sector really Think about Crop Protection? Results of an Implicit Association Test

Ulf Römer, Henning Schaak, Oliver Mußhoff und Heinrich S. Goudschaal