Call for Papers – Bioeconomy in Europe: Between social expectations and economic possibilities

Increasing population from 7.7 billion currently to 9.7 billion in 2050, environmental degradation, climate change, and preserving biodiversity form challenges for bio-based production including food security and provision of bio-based raw material while safeguarding competitiveness along supply chains. All this has to be done in accordance with social consent.

Many governments and institutions in and outside Europe have acknowledged this insight and as a consequence have developed general strategies for initializing and safeguarding transformation processes of the bioeconomy towards industries less dependent on fossil-based raw materials. The ultimate aim is to achieve a circular and sustainable bioeconomy.

The impact of these first policy decisions needs to be assessed to understand how such a circular bioeconomy might look like with regard to above mentioned requirements and visions, and whether these strategies and necessary transition processes require political support, steering and designing. The transition is complex and calls for an involvement of various actors, in addition to business, science and politics, also civil society. By a participatory process it might be possible to develop transition strategies that promise a high level of social acceptance.

The aim of this Special Issue is to provide an overview of existing approaches with respect to monitoring, projections, future scenario analysis and impacts on bioeconomy supply chains. We invite papers which cover one of the following fundamental topics:

  • Conceptual and analytic frameworks for analysing
    the transformation of bioeconomy supply chains
  • Monitoring of production and material flows in
    bioeconomy supply chains – locally versus globally
  • Development and measurement of relevant indicators
    with respect to economic, social and environmental
  • Development of future scenarios for the bioeconomy
  • Outline of transition paths and their assessment
  • Integration of society in the transition process

Submission procedure

Please submit your full paper to Sascha Weber ( For the full paper submission please follow the “Instruction for Authors” of the GJAE. Full papers will follow the usual double-blind review process of the GJAE. Papers that pass the review process and cannot be fitted into the special issue will be published in a regular issue of the GJAE.


Submission of full papers for review: February 29, 2020.

The special issue will be published as the second issue 03/2020

Guest editors in alphabetical order:

Philipp Grundmann (ATB Potsdam, Germany), Myrna van Leeuwen (LEI, The Hague, Netherlands), Robert M’Barek (European Commission, DG JRC, Seville, Spain), Petra Salamon (Thünen Institute, Braunschweig, Germany), Daniela Thrän (DBFZ, Leipzig, Germany), Sascha Weber (Thünen Institute, Braunschweig, Germany), Justus Wesseler (Wageningen University, Netherlands)