GJAE – Articles

Volume 70 (2021), Number 2, 123-133

A Primer on p-Value Thresholds and α-Levels – Two Different Kettles of Fish

Norbert Hirschauer, Sven Grüner, Oliver Mußhoff, Claudia Becker

Volume 70 (2021), Number 2, 70-83

Development of Supply Curves for Biodiversity Offsets on Agricultural Land – a Case Study from the Stuttgart Region

Christian Sponagel, Hans Back, Elisabeth Angenendt, Enno Bahrs

Volume 70 (2021), Number 2, 84-100

Beyond Cost Minimisation: Farmers’ Perspectives on the Adoption of GM Fodder in Sweden

Klara Fischer, Sebastian Hess

Volume 70 (2021), Number 2, 101-122

Online Purchases of Plant Protection Products: A Discrete Choice Experiment with Agricultural Entrepreneurs in Germany

Michael Danne, Wilm Fecke, Oliver Mußhoff

Volume 70 (2021), Number 1, 17-35

E-Mobility in German Agriculture – A Qualitative Analysis of User Acceptance

Friedrich Rübcke von Veltheim, Ansgar A. Rube. Heinke Heise

Volume 70 (2021), Number 1, 36-48

Technical efficiency and productivity change in German large-scale arable farming

Cord-Friedrich von Hobe, Marius Michels, Oliver Musshoff

Volume 70 (2021), Number 1, 1-16

Conflicts about Livestock Farming: Societal-oriented Communication Strategies for the Agri-Food Industry

Winnie Isabel Sonntag, Manuel Ermann, Achim Spiller, Marie von Meyer-Höfer

Volume 70 (2021), Number 1, 49-62

Elasticities of Food Demand in Germany – A Demand System Analysis Using Disaggregated Household Scanner Data

Jonas Peltner, Silke Thiele

Volume 69 (2020), Number 4, 311-324

Perception and Classification of Stress Factors of Young Farmers

Mira Knoop, Ludwig Theuvsen

Volume 69 (2020), Number 4, 278-299

Pig Farming from the Perspective of German Citizens – Comments on Videos of a Pig Fattening Pen

Anna Schulze Walgern, Marcus Mergenthaler