GJAE – Articles

Volume 70 (2021), Number 4, 265-286

Identifying and Debunking Environmentally-Related False News Stories – An Experimental Investigation

Sven Grüner

GJAE 70 (2021), Number 4, 251-264

Aggregate Efficiency Dynamics in Lithuanian Dairy Farms

Tomas Balezentis, Giannis Karagiannis

GJAE 70 (2021), Number 4, 213-235

Market Power in Agricultural Land Markets: Concepts and Empirical Challenges

Alfons Balmann, Marten Graubner, Daniel Müller, Silke Hüttel, Stefan Seifert, Martin Odening, Jana Plogmann, Matthias Ritter

Volume 70 (2021), Number 4, 236-250

The Economic Well-being of Farm Households in Germany

Sabrina Bethge, Jost-Frederik Wendt, Sebastian Lakner

Volume 70 (2021), Number 3, 139-164

The Impact of Dietary Changes on Agriculture, Trade, Environment and Health: A Literature Review

Inna Geibel, Florian Freund, Martin Banse

Volume 70 (2021), Number 3, 165-181

Automated Calibration of Farm-Sale Mixed Linear Programming Models using Bi-Level Programming

Wolfgang Britz

Volume 70 (2021), Number 3, 182-191

Public Preferences for Pasture Landscapes and the Role of Scale Heterogeneity

Henning Schaak, Oliver Mußhoff

Volume 70 (2021), Number 3, 192-207

Abating Ammonia Emissions through Slurry Acidification during Spreading: Farmers’ Willingness to Participate in a Support Scheme

Insa Thiermann, Gunnar Breustedt, Uwe Latacz-Lohmann

Volume 70 (2021), Number 2, 123-133

A Primer on p-Value Thresholds and α-Levels – Two Different Kettles of Fish

Norbert Hirschauer, Sven Grüner, Oliver Mußhoff, Claudia Becker

Volume 70 (2021), Number 2, 70-83

Development of Supply Curves for Biodiversity Offsets on Agricultural Land – a Case Study from the Stuttgart Region

Christian Sponagel, Hans Back, Elisabeth Angenendt, Enno Bahrs