GJAE – Articles

Volume 71 (2022), Number 2, 92-106

Considering Environmental Factors in Technical Efficiency Analysis of European Crop Production

Alexander Kaiser, Axel Schaffer

Volume 71 (2022), Number 2, 76-91

How much Meat do we eat? Estimating per Capita Meat Consumption in Germany based on a Market Balance Approach

Annika Johanna Thies, Josef Efken, Monika Sönnichsen

Volume 71 (2022), Number 2, 59-75

Unfair Trading Practices: Evidence in the Fruit Supply Chain

Katarina Barathova, Jan Pokrivcak, Miroslava Rajcaniova

Volume 71 (2022), Number 1, 36-52

Risk Preferences and the Adoption of Subsidised Crop Insurance: Evidence from Lithuania

Birgit Gassler, Regina Rehermann

Volume 71 (2022), Number 1, 1-15

Farmers’ Willingness to Accept Animal Welfare Practices: A Discrete Choice Experiment with German Pig Producers

Michael Danne, Oliver Mußhoff

Volume 71 (2022), Number 1, 16-35

Part-Time Farming and Scale Efficiency

Felicity Addo, Klaus Salhofer

Volume 70 (2021), Number 4, 265-286

Identifying and Debunking Environmentally-Related False News Stories – An Experimental Investigation

Sven Grüner

GJAE 70 (2021), Number 4, 251-264

Aggregate Efficiency Dynamics in Lithuanian Dairy Farms

Tomas Balezentis, Giannis Karagiannis

GJAE 70 (2021), Number 4, 213-235

Market Power in Agricultural Land Markets: Concepts and Empirical Challenges

Alfons Balmann, Marten Graubner, Daniel Müller, Silke Hüttel, Stefan Seifert, Martin Odening, Jana Plogmann, Matthias Ritter

Volume 70 (2021), Number 4, 236-250

The Economic Well-being of Farm Households in Germany

Sabrina Bethge, Jost-Frederik Wendt, Sebastian Lakner