GJAE – Volume 67 (2018), Number 4


Volume 67 (2018), Number 4, 223-233

Citizens’ Perception of Recent Livestock Production Systems in Germany

Anja Rovers, Winnie Isabel Sonntag, Nanke Brümmer, Inken Christoph-Schulz

Volume 67 (2018), Number 4, 234-245

Consumer Acceptance of Dual-Purpose Chickens
A Mixed Methods Approach

Nanke Brümmer, Wiebke Petersen, Inken Christoph-Schulz

Volume 67 (2018), Number 4, 246-266

Perception and Evaluation of a Pig Fattening Pen Based on Film Material in an Online Survey Experiment with German Citizens

Anna Wernsmann, Christiane Wildraut, Marie von Meyer-Höfer, Marcus Mergenthaler

Volume 67 (2018), Number 4, 267-280

A Public Perspective of Undercover Investigations in Animal Husbandry – an Interaction between Agriculture, Animal Welfare Organizations and Governmental Control

Maureen Schulze, Antje Risius, Achim Spiller


Volume 67 (2018), Number 4, 281

GEWISOLA-Auszeichnungen 2018

Volume 67 (2018), Number 4, 282-284

Einladung zur Einreichung von Beiträgen
59. Jahrestagung der GEWISOLA
25. bis 27. September 2019 am Thünen-Institut, Braunschweig

Volume 67 (2018), Number 4, 285-286

Call for papers
59th GEWISOLA Annual Conference
25-27 September 2019, hosted by the Thünen Institute, Braunschweig

Volume 67 (2018), Number 4, 287

Reviewer / Gutachter


Volume 67 (2018), Number 4, 288-291



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