GJAE – Volume 63 (2014), Number 1


Volume 63 (2014), Number 1, 1-15

An Investigation into the Factors which Determine Farmers’
Acceptance of Supply Contracts: The Ethanol Beet Example

Oliver Mußhoff, Norbert Hirschauer, Markus Fahlbusch

Volume 63 (2014), Number 1, 16-30

Heterogeneous Farm Output and Technical Efficiency Estimates

Phatima Mamardashvili, Raushan Bokusheva, Dierk Schmid

Volume 63 (2014), Number 1, 31-45

Market Success and Factors of Success of Cooperatives and Investor-Owned Firms:
An Interfirm Comparison of German Dairies on the Basis of Key Performance Indicators

Roland Zieseniß

Volume 63 (2014), Number 1, 46-62

Discrepancies between the Intentions and Behaviour of Farm Operators in the Contexts of Farm Growth, Decline, Continuation and Exit –
Evidence from Estonia

Ants-Hannes Viira, Anne Pöder, Rando Värnik


Volume 63 (2014), Number 1, 63-66