GJAE – Jahrgang 57 (2008), Heft 8


Jahrgang 57 (2008), Heft 8

Key issues of linking models for policy impact
assessment in agriculture

Frank Offermann

Jahrgang 57 (2008), Heft 8

Automated model linkages: the example of CAPRI

Wolfgang Britz

Jahrgang 57 (2008), Heft 8

The didactic value of linking models:
experiences from the LEI model funnel

John F.M. Helming, Martin Banse

Jahrgang 57 (2008), Heft 8

How to deal with the challenges of linking a large number of individual national models:
the case of the AGMEMOD Partnership

Petra Salamon, Frédéric Chantreuil, Trevor Donnellan, Emil Erjavec, Roberto Esposti, Kevin Hanrahan, Myrna van Leeuwen, Foppe Bouma, Wietse Dol, Guna Salputra

Jahrgang 57 (2008), Heft 8

An integrated model platform for the economic assessment of agricultural policies in the European Union

Ignacio Pérez Domínguez, Stephan Hubertus Gay, Robert M’Barek

Jahrgang 57 (2008), Heft 8

The challenges of model based policy advice

Martina Brockmeier, Werner Kleinhanss, Frank Offermann

Jahrgang 57 (2008), Heft 8

Art or science? The challenges of publishing peer
reviewed papers based on linked models

Alison Burrell