Agricultural Green Total Factor Productivity in Shandong Province of China

Yuanxin Peng, Zhuo Chen, Jay Lee

Published: 31.05.2024  〉 Volume 73 (2024), Number 2  〉 Resort: Articles 
Submitted: 22.08.2022   〉 Feedback to authors after first review: 05.06.2023   〉 Accepted: 04.04.2024


Sustainable development of agriculture has an important impact on both society andeconomy. In order to understand the patterns of spatio-temporal variation and the factors influencing agricultural green total factor productivity (AGTFP), this paper used Shandong province of China as a case study. Utilizing the SBM-DEA and Malmquist models, along with panelregression methods, the study analyzes AGTFP based on data from the Shandong StatisticalYearbook (2009-2019). The results showed that: (1) the AGTFP in Shandong province wassmaller than the total factor productivity when not considering the undesirable output, and theAGTFP in most regions of Shandong province needed to be improved. (2) The AGTFP ofShandong province showed an annual rising trend, especially in the eastern and northern regions. (3) In addition to the levels of technology and management, the industrialization andlevel of personal development of farmers is also shown to have impacted on AGTFP. Recommendations include adopting advanced technologies, enhancing land management, promotingtertiary sector development, expanding agricultural processing, and improving farmer skillsthrough education and training to boost AGTFP to achieve a sustainable agricultural economy.

Dr. Jay Lee
Department of Geography, Kent State University
Kent, 44240,OH, USA
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