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Volume 66 (2017), Supplement: 1-9
Jana Demoustier, Thomas Herzfeld

Volume 66 (2017), Supplement: 10-19
Jakob Dehoust, Ernst Albrecht

Volume 66 (2017), Supplement: 20-43
Marlen Haß

Volume 66 (2017), Supplement: 44-63
Manuel Ermann, Markus Fahlbusch, Sarah Kühl, Bernhard Brümmer, Birgit Schulze-Ehlers

Volume 66 (2017), Supplement: 64-81
Josef Efken, Bernhard J. Simon, John R. Krupp, Albert Hortmann-Scholten

Volume 66 (2017), Supplement: 82-96
Marie Wellner, Mira Knoop, Ludwig Theuvsen

Volume 66 (2017), Supplement: 97-106
Dieter Hoffmann, Simone Loose

Volume 66 (2017), Supplement: 107-125
Josef Langenberg, Lara Drittler, Theresa von Bierbrauer, Christian Schaper, Ludwig Theuvsen


NEW: GJAE listed with Impact Factor!

The German Journal of Agricultural Economics (GJAE) is listed in the ‚Impact Factor List‘. Our current (2016) impact factor is 0.489. So if you plan to write an article, use this evidence for getting cited.

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